Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

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Experienced sleep experts

With a third of our lives spent sleeping, we understand the importance of finding a bed and mattress that's just right for your needs. Between the staff members at Button & Sprung we have decades of experience in the industry, so you can rest assured that you'll find a mattress that offers a peaceful night's sleep and a quality bed that will last for years to come.

Why us?

  • Guaranteed for 10 years
  • 100 night free returns
  • Built to last
  • Handcrafted by experts here in the UK
  • Standard UK sizing
  • Base, fabric, headboard, the choice is yours
  • London based showroom

The Team


Adam is a self-confessed mattress geek, with many years' experience of working with beds. He has a number of our mattresses at home and admits to enjoying the Perendale in his spare room the best - where he is occasionally sent.


Matthew has worked in the furniture industry for over 10 years and in retail for a lot longer than that. His daughters enjoy sleeping on our mid-range mattresses and he sleeps on the Southdown mattress in regular tension.


Dee has been working in customer service for over 7 years, is a very good organiser and enjoys looking after customers as well as her colleagues. Her favourite mattress is the Swaledale mattress in firmer tension.


Having worked in both the fashion and design industries, Sophia has an eye for contemporary design that she brings to her social media and brand marketing role. Her favourite mattress is the Southdown in regular tension.


Stephane has 15 years of international experience in the furniture industry, having worked in France, Belgium, Luxembourg . He has an eye for detail and expertise in customer services. His favourite mattress is the Perendale in firmer tension.


Ruth is the friendly face of Customer Service at Button & Sprung. She has spent most of her career in the media world, latterly at interiors magazines where Button & Sprung were a client of hers. Her favourite mattress is the Teesdale regular which she absolutely loves and finds very difficult to leave in the mornings!


Caroline has been working in customer service internationally for nearly 10 years whilst preparing for her Business Psychology degree. Her favourite mattress is the Wensleydale in regular tension. In her own words, adding a topper to this mattress makes it feel as if you were sleeping on a cloud!


Working as an illustrator on her own time, Charlotte brings a creative edge to the showroom - check out the colouring sheets in the kids area if you want proof! She loves helping customers make their dream bedrooms become a reality. Her favourite mattress is the Swaledale in the Regular tension.


Currently studying History at university, Sara has been working part time in client and customer relations for nearly 3 years now. Her favourite mattress is the Montadale Pillow top in the firmer tension.


Martin has worked in furniture logistics for over 7 years. Sleeping is one of his favourite pastimes, made all the better by his Montadale Pillow Top mattress in regular tension.


Simon has been in retail for more years than he cares to recall. He has a useful knack of being able to sleep anywhere but preferably on a Wensleydale super king mattress, complete with the Luxury topper.


Raf has worked in the furniture and removals business for many years, and when he is not delivering our beds, he is probably in the gym. His favourite mattress is the Teesdale, except when carrying it up 5 flights of stairs.


Rafal is another another one of our experienced team members, having worked for Button & Sprung for over three years. When he is not delivering beds, he enjoys spending time with his children. His favourite mattress is the Perendale.


Gracjan has worked in the furniture removals industry for two years, when he is not delivering beds he enjoys playing video games at a semi-competitive level. His favourite mattress is the Teesdale.


Michal has worked in the removals industry for one year and is one of of our newer team members. He enjoys playing and watching football and his favourite mattress is the Wensleydale.


Milosz is our newest member of the delivery team. In his spare time he enjoys playing five-a-side football and his favourite mattress is the Swaledale.

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