The Story of a Button & Sprung Mattress

With our new blog up and running we thought it would be the perfect place to share a little more with you all about what actually goes into making one of our mattresses.

Farm sheep _2mb (1)

For one, I was astounded when in my first few weeks I was shipped off to our factory up in Yorkshire to learn about the whole process… it is a lengthy one and highly skilled.

It begins on a family run farm in Yorkshire, nestled in 300 acres of rolling pasture and arable land. Dedicated to growing the natural fillings for our mattresses, the farm has a flock of Swaledale, Texel and Leicester sheep renowned for their resilient and hard wearing wool.

Meet the ever so friendly Barrington, our handsome Zwarbtle ram, responsible for ensuring our ongoing supply of wool...

Barrington the sheep Barrington the sheep


Farmer with his sheep The farmer with his sheep


Lavender borders the Hemp crops which not only looks beautiful and encourages a rich diversity of wildlife, but it is also incorporated into our mattress fillings for its freshening and antiseptic properties.


Lavender beds Lavender beds border the hemp crops


From the farm the fillings travel a mere 20 miles to the factory, therefore having minimal impact on the environment… unlike those nasty memory foam ones.

Here we get to the nitty-gritty… Springs. And lots of them. We pack our mattresses full of them to increase their longevity and comfort. The factory which has it’s very own ‘spring laboratory’ has especially developed our unique ‘IQ’ springs… hourglass-shaped and individually pocketed, they react better to your weight by providing progressive support. And it doesn’t end there, we also have layers of micro HD springs which ensure that every inch of your body is comfy, whilst also working to enhance the feel of the homegrown layers of filling. These are packed above and below the springs and are masterfully sewn together by craftsmen brandishing a very large needle.


HD springs Our springs are all individually pocketed


Mattress filling The skilled craftsmen add layers of filling above and below the springs


The rest of the story is a simple one, once ready, the mattresses are loaded into our dedicated van and are delivered straight to your front door. We have simplified the delivery process to cut down on costs so that we can offer you lovely people better mattresses at lower prices. Take a peek at our mattress page for more info...

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