Mattresses - Getting it Right

It's mattress month at Button & Sprung and alongside the launch of our Sleep Room and our Sleep Room Competition, we're raising awareness about mattresses and offering tips on how to find the perfect one for you.


The Perfect Sleep Posture

Posture is just as important while you're asleep, so what are the key things to remember before you hit the hay and when testing new mattresses? Although we all have our preferences, the optimal sleep position for back health is sleeping on your back. When lying down look out for two slight gaps in the arch of your back and another under your knee. If your mattress is too soft these won't be present. If it is too firm the gap will be too large and your hips won't sink into the mattress as shown below.


Most of us, however, tend to sleep on our sides. This is a relatively healthy sleeping position, it's downfall being that it's virtually impossible to keep your legs straight and aligned perfectly on top of each other. Whilst asleep we usually rotate our hips resting our upper leg on the mattress which can strain our pelvis and lower back region. This strain can be avoided by placing a small pillow between the legs.  The wider your hips are in comparison to your waist the softer the mattress you require allowing your hips to sink in enough to keep your spine aligned while still offering support.


In either position, make sure your pillow is supporting your head and neck but not under your shoulders. Your neck should remain in line with your body and not be tilted forward or backwards.

The Importance Of Springs

We created our IQ spring system to offer an advanced level of comfort regardless of the pressure placed on it. The springs can offer this progressive support thanks to their unique hourglass shape created by award winning inventors. The rule is More springs = More comfort. In addition we also use layers of smaller HD pocket springs on top of our core ones, so that every inch of your body is supported.


Natural Fillings Are Better...

We use 100% natural mattress fillings and fibres, most grown on our very own farm up in Yorkshire. The benefits of natural fillings include durability, softness, springiness and being naturally breathable, this allows your body temperature to self-regulate as you sleep.

Delving into a few of our luxurious fillings:

Herdwick Wool: From the Herdwick sheep this wool is the most superior for mattress making. Naturally more springy, hard wearing and supportive than other wool, Herdwick wool’s anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities also make it ideal for asthma or allergy sufferers.

Cashmere: Hand-teased layers of super-soft cashmere add incredible softness and durability. 

Silk: Lightweight, flexible and supposedly stronger than steel, needless to say silk is extremely durable. It also offers incredible softness and luxury. 

Mohair: From the Angora goat, mohair is notable for its high lustre and sheen.


For more mattress tips and facts check out our Mattress Buying Guide & Mattress Type Guide 

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