In Conversation with...Jessica Mason of Piglet

Jessica Mason is the founder of bedding and sleepwear company Piglet. Founded in 2017 Piglet has gone from strength to strength, specialising only in the most luxurious linen.

She took some time out of her busy schedule to chat with us about the benefits of natural materials for both the wider environment and our everyday bedtime well-being.

Portrait of Jessica Mason Image courtesy of Jessica Mason


What motivated you to start your business? To come up with the Piglet brand idea?

In the years leading up to starting Piglet, I was working in PR & marketing and getting increasingly excited by the changes I could see happening in e-commerce. Not only were the barriers to entry lower than ever but brands were finding new ways to build real and meaningful relationships with their customers online. I wanted to create a homeware brand that truly reflected how we use our homes rather than presenting an unattainable idea of luxury. Linen bedding is incredibly low maintenance and looks great even on an unmade bed!

Could you tell our readers a bit more about the Piglet brand and how it started?

I started Piglet almost three years ago. In the beginning, it was a bit of an experiment to see if the hunch that I had that more and more people would gravitate towards sustainably sourced materials and a more laid back look was right. So we started very small and just did a couple of different colour and size options. The business grew quickly and we were able to gradually add products to the collection including much more bedding options, table linen, sleepwear, throws, cushion covers and a sleep spray.

Portrait of Jessica Mason Image courtesy of Piglet in Bed


Could you inform our readers about the properties of linen-the fabric that you specialise in? How is it different from cotton for instance? How is it sustainably made?

As opposed to cotton linen is almost always farmed in small batches and the bulk of flax farming takes place in France and Belgium (Piglet linen is sourced from France). The farming of flax is also considered to be less dependent on pesticides than cotton. An additional environmental benefit to linen is that it has very long roots which can help to reduce soil erosion.

Why did you decide to use Linen in your bedding and sleep-wear range?

As well as the impact on the environment we were looking at how different fabrics can impact sleep. Linen’s naturally long fibres are extremely moisture absorbent and breathable. These characteristics work together to help regulate the body’s temperature while we sleep. By avoiding any fluctuations in temperature we are able to sleep more soundly throughout the night.

It is also an extremely durable and low maintenance fabric that gets softer and softer with wear. I guessed that I wasn’t alone in wanting products that would last, feel super cosy and require no ironing!

Image courtesy of Piglet in Bed


Similarly, we only use natural fillings in our mattresses, these also work to wick away moisture from the skin. We often have customers come to us complaining about overheating during sleep- and this, in turn, disrupting their ability to get a good nights rest. Often this is caused by foam mattresses, which struggle to self ventilate. Not only are we foam-a-phobics, but we also believe chemicals are harmful to human health and the environment - and so do not chemically treat our mattress ticking.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

It changes so much and very quickly! Whereas a year ago I was answering customer enquiries, this past year, I have been focusing on expanding the Piglet team and growing the business in new markets. Right now I am in Chicago where we are setting up a new fulfilment centre to better serve our US customers.

…Finally, any new projects on the horizon?

We are always looking for new products that can help to add comfort to the home. In the next year, we plan on building out our sleepwear collection further and adding new homeware product categories to the range.


Image courtesy of Piglet in Bed


You can shop Piglet’s luxurious range of linen bedding and pyjamas here

Interview conducted by Sophia Freeman

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