How to create a Stylish Bedroom with Colour

Colour can boost our mood, brighten up grey days and is one of the easiest ways to change the look of our homes – so why are we so reluctant to use it in the bedroom?


Bed frame in Fuchsia fabric with greenery, floral bedding and a green feature wall
Primrose King Size Bed Frame in Fuchsia fabric, from £645

Neutral schemes still reign supreme but the good news is that you don’t have to step out of your comfort zone to refresh your space with colour. Try these ideas to brighten your bedroom in an instant…

Add personality with paint

The bedroom is the perfect place to change how you think about paint. Rather than selecting one pale wall shade as a backdrop and planning a scheme from there, try to choose your paint colours as part of the whole palette. For example, you could take your colour cue from your linen, bed frame or a statement chair, then choose complementary or contrasting shades for your walls. Paint isn’t limited to walls either, so think about continuing colours onto furniture or painting your floorboards.

Annie Sloan Wall Paint Amsterdam Antoinette

Annie Sloan, paint expert and founder of Annie Sloan Interiors

‘As the bedroom is a room that’s not often on show, you can choose colours that are personal. People may be surprised to hear that my bedroom is painted in a deep blue called Aubusson. It always looks welcoming at night when I put the bedside lights on. I’ve combined it with white linens and soft colours elsewhere in the room. Duck Egg Blue would be a perfect choice for someone less daring. I think of it as a neutral, which means you can combine it with others and they won’t fight against one another.’

Bedroom with mirrored wall, wooden panels and Curiosa pendant light

Be a shade braver

While the primary function of lighting is to illuminate, it can be more than that, adding a layer of colour to any space. Once you’ve worked out where you need lighting and what type (try to include a mix of table lamps, wall lights and pendants), you can start to experiment with different designs. Coloured glass shades are a big trend, especially when combined with visible filament bulbs, while lamp bases in rich jewel tones look effortlessly elegant.

Esther Patterson, designer and director at Curiousa & Curiousa

‘In a bedroom, I love the opportunity to hang wall or pendant lights at either side of the bed as it’s a great way to punctuate the room with colour. Soft, restful shades work well, such as aubergines, greys or purples. Alternatively, if you want more of an airy summery feel, add some vibrant colours into the mix. Canary yellow with white linen can look stunning.’

Take inspiration from art

If you’ve fallen in love with a piece of art that’s destined for your bedroom, it can work well as a starting point for a colour scheme. However, when an artwork’s primary function is introducing colour, choose it after most of the major elements to ensure it doesn’t dominate the room. By doing it this way, you can layer colours, or use it to balance bold shades by providing a moment of calm. Be sure to pick a theme that won’t clash – for example, a coastal picture may look out of place in a bedroom filled with exotic décor even if the colours are complementary.

Flowers in vase with green feature wall and pink curtains

Finish with flowers

Small decorative touches can have a big impact and none more so than flowers. A fresh floral arrangement is a real treat, so display them in a vessel that reflects the style and colour of your scheme. Placed prominently on a bedside table or windowsill, flowers are an easy way to add changing colour with the seasons or enhance the feel of your bedroom, whether that’s a vibrant space or a relaxing sanctuary.

Sara Gordon, brand and creative director at flower delivery service Bloom & Wild

‘Bright flowers bring energy into the room, while softer colours bring a sense of calmness. I love to mirror the existing colours of bedding and décor with blooms, whether it’s bold brights, such as matching a pink rose with a pink cushion, or a more muted bouquet next to delicate bedding or wallpaper.’

By Rachel Ogden

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