Bedroom Style With... Hannah Deacon

This week we caught up with Interior Stylist, Hannah Deacon, the lovely lady behind our beautiful new photography to ask her advice on creating the perfect bedroom space...

Hannah started her career working for the BBC before becoming Style Editor at House Beautiful and launching her freelance career where she has worked with the likes of Country Homes & Interiors, Ideal Home and many home and furniture brands.


Hannah Deacon Hannah Deacon


What would you say is your signature style when designing a bedroom?

A calm, relaxing space, that focuses on layering natural textures, and makes the most of beautiful morning and evening light. Button & Sprung’s shot featuring the Lavender bed, with monochrome shades and white walls is close to my signature style.

Lavender bedroom A grown up and monchrome theme with soft shades and a bespoke Designer's Guild fabric on our Lavender bed.


What is your process for choosing fabrics for a bedroom - from curtains, to cushions, to bed linen and (most importantly!) the bed?

To start I’ll keep in mind the overall colour and feel that I'm aiming for in the room, and choose a hero fabric that I LOVE and have been coveting for a while! I’ll then select other fabrics that pick out the colours and textures of my hero-  plenty of almost ‘plains' but the textures must be so gorgeous that they give my hero fabric a run for its money! I’ll always work with samples to hand.

How do you like to dress your bed?

Informally, with crushed white linen bed linen, 2 x 60 x 60cm square pillows at the back and layers of texture. In fact, quite similar to this shot!

Iris bedroom A clutter free bedroom with relaxed white bed linen with two square pillows placed at the back.


What would be your best design tip for creating a restful sleeping space?

Display your favourite hand picked items, but otherwise aim to keep surfaces free from everyday clutter. Factor in plenty of storage- be it small jewellery/makeup boxes and baskets or the larger furniture items for clothes. Vintage haberdashery chests are great for containing bedroom bits & pieces.

What is the last item you bought for your bedroom?

A pair of vintage French Louis armchairs from an antiques market, they are waiting to be upholstered but I seem to be in no rush. I think I’m secretly enjoying their natural shabby chic look!

What do you have on your bedside table?

An Original BTC table lamp, my Ruark R1 dark wood radio and my latest special birthday/anniversary/valentines card depending on the time of year! 


Ruark R1 Radio and Original BTC Table Lamp Ruark R1 Radio and Original BTC Table Lamp


Where have you spent your most memorable night’s sleep?

In a villa in Northern Bali. The bed was enormous and the room had Indonesian style high vaulted ceilings. Doors opened out onto a terrace and pool, which looked over the jungle and then out onto the sea! I think I was in heaven!

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