How to Achieve Good Night’s Sleep | Top Tips from Button & Sprung’s Co-Founder, Adam Black

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As many of us are spending more time than ever confined to our homes, with increased levels of stress and uncertainty, It’s no wonder that we’re finding it harder to relax and properly unwind before bed.

Getting a quality night’s rest on a consistent basis can have a huge impact on both our physical and mental well-being. At Button & Sprung we're passionate about helping our customers achieve their best night’s sleep. With this in mind, our Co-Founder Adam Black has shared his top tips for enhancing your nightly slumber...

Optimum Conditions

“Temperature can have a huge impact on the quality of our sleep, generally a cooler bedroom is more desirable as it will make it easier to drift off - in contrast to a hot room. Ensure that your bedroom is properly ventilated throughout the night by keeping the window open - especially during the summer months.

Another way to establish optimum conditions is to invest in high-quality bedding. Linen, for example, is an extremely breathable material, which supports temperature regulation by evaporating and absorbing excess moisture during the night.”

Find the Perfect Mattress

"When considering a new mattress, it’s really important to make sure that it’s going to give you the correct support. A mattress is like a piece of clothing; it should fit your personal shape and weight – contouring your body in order to provide the right amount of support at the key pressure points: hips, knees, and shoulders. The result being that your spine, whichever position you sleep in, is held in a neutral, horizontal position through the night.

We strongly believe that a naturally filled, chemical-free mattress will optimise your sleep. Foam is a poor mattress material as it’s not breathable and can result in over-heating at night. Our 100% natural fillings will breathe with your body, regulating your temperature and wicking away moisture while you sleep.”

Modern Lifestyle Changes

“With the recent pandemic, many of us have found ourselves inside a lot more, there is a huge benefit to getting outside or even setting aside some time to exercise, this will help to get the body moving and contribute to a deeper and more fulfilling sleep. Another helpful way to relax is to write your to-do list the night before. This will allow you to put your mind at ease and properly switch off.

 Furthermore, many modern consumers don’t appreciate the effect screen time has on your sleep, think of your bedroom as a device-free zone and try to avoid the glare for at least a couple of hours before attempting to sleep.”

In addition to this advice, creating a calm and tranquil bedroom space that you look forward to ending the day in can help to promote a positive attitude towards sleep.

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Published by Sophia Freeman

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